Life Members
George T. Cron 1993
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James Powers 1995
James Clark 1996
Robert S. Peters 1997
Rosie Givens 1999

Keith A. Benovengo 2001
William J. Smith, Jr. 2003
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Greater Union County, NJ Softball Umpires Association, Inc.
2016 Executive Board
Kimberly Graziadez, President
James D. Peters, Vice President
Rich Powell, Exec. Secretary
William Keenan, Secretary
Paul Ciullo, Treasurer
James D. Peters, Umpire-In-Chief

District 2 Umpire Class

ASA/USA Softball NJ District 2 will hold its umpire certification class in Cranford beginning in mid-January 2017. The class costs $75, and will run from 6-8 weeks, including both classroom and gym training. Once certified, you will be eligible to umpire any of the thousands of the games ASA/USA Softball NJ hosts throughout the state, including the 3,500 games on the District 2 Arbiter in and around Union County.

Please contact District 2 Commissioner Keith Hoffman at, 908-463-3960 with interest.

2016-17 USA Softball National Umpire School

March 31 - April 2, 2017 in Derry, NH

The purpose of the USA Softball National Umpire School is to develop each student's individual talents and skills as an umpire. Our goal is to bring out the best in your talent and ability.

Each USA Softball National Umpire School is run by a team of no less than three National Umpire staff members. Each member is an experienced instructor with a boundless knowledge of all aspects of the game of softball. With a ratio of at least one clinician per 25 students, each participant will receive hands-on personal instruction throughout the school.

Contact Will Martin ( or 603-365-0096 ) for an application and payment information.
2016 ASA PLAYING RULE Changes and Comments Revised Junior Olympic Batting All Players Interpretation
ASA playing rule changes for the 2016 season are now available. Click here for the details... Revised (6/17/2015) interpretation of a new rule allowing for up to all players on the roster present to be able to bat in all Junior Olympic Classifications of Play during Pool Play. Click here for the details...

Play Positive is a new series from ASA/USA Softball and Liberty Mutual Insurance, designed to provide parents and coaches of youth softball players with helpful tools and tips. We hope you enjoy it! Click here for the details...

ASA Bat Performance Standards
Changes for Certification Mark and Test Standards for all bats used in the game of ASA Slow Pitch Softball were introduced in the 2013 season.

There is a new Certification Mark to be used on future bat models manufactured for the game of Slow Pitch for 2013 and beyond. The 2000 and 2004 Certification Marks will continue to be valid Marks for the existing Slow Pitch bats.

Any new models produced by the manufacturers will display the new Certification Mark as shown to the right.

All bats currently listed on the approved bat lists remain legal for ASA; ASA will continue to perform random testing of all approved models to verify conformance of the approved bat performance standard, any model found out of compliance could be added to the non-approved list. All models currently listed on the non-approved list will not be allowed in ASA.
ASA Bat Performance Standards for 2013
2013 Certification Mark
ASA Slow Pitch Softball bats
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